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Sorry I haven’t been on in a while. For those of you who follow my writing blog, you know I’ve been busy with short story writing and getting my youtube channel some momentum. 

Just want to thank all the followers for helping thus far. Feel free to check out my (now) main blog as well as my youtube channel. Remember when I did those reviews? Well now instead of reading them you can watch them as I periodically post about movies, comics and films (in addition to where I’m at in my writing).

For all my fellow writers out there, how is your journey going? Let’s get a dialogue going and feel free to message me.

Many thanks, y’all.

Sometimes you just have to jump out the window and grow wings on the way down.

Ray Bradbury (via liquidnight)

Horns of a Dilemma


See what I did there?

Dear followers, I am just about to finish Act II of my novel Bonds That Hold Us (my dystopian book) and I’m at a point where I really, REALLY, don’t want to screw over my characters but I feel if I don’t, the story will not be as compelling. I know that in a moment I will submit and decide to be that heartless monster that puts my characters through hell. But for now I am allowing myself a moment of mercy.

Okay, moment is done. Time to go f*** some sh** up. Poor characters, why did it have to be this way?

Peace and love.


New Video Channel- R. Adrianus

Just started my youtube channel! I’m really excited to be working on this project. My hope is to be more in touch with my followers and get involved with your interests and convey some of my own. I’ll be doing a lot of videos similar to what I have been doing here on The Ink Chronicle. This will also be a platform for me to get in touch with you all and sum you up on the progress of my book Fatal Followers.

Give it a look and don’t forget to like and subscribe.

Thanks to all.

: The Sitdowns- Writing Style



So for this evening’s first edition I wanted to quickly share my thoughts on writing style.

Styles will ALWAYS vary. That is a fact. Not one person has the perfect form and even if they did (in whatever alternate reality you live in) there will be someone who dislikes that person’s style; tis…

From my other blog, give it a look and feel free to follow to get in on this week’s topic: what is your favorite character archetype? It will be up on Wednesday so stay tuned.


Hey everyone. Seems like a eons since I’ve posted. Hope all is well. Things are progressing on the new blog and the community is growing. Come and give my book a gander. I’d love to get some feedback from you.

I’ll be starting a new segment on that blog so don’t miss out. It’ll be a brief weekly discussion post on any particular subject I am pondering at that time, whether it be writing, comics, movies or music. Maybe you can chime in. But don’t tell my other followers. They don’t know yet *wink*.

Thanks to all and be seein ya.


To the magical world of my new blog found here. Content will be very similar to Ink Chronicle but you’ll get a feel for it once you go. There is a project I am undertaking that is called “PUBLISHING MY BOOk”…okay it sounded more amazing in my head. But anywho, everyone for this blog has been really great and helpful and I wanted to invite you first to this new frontier I have embarked on. I look forward to seeing some familiar faces (screen-names?) on the new blog. And rest assured I follow back as well. I really want to get to know my supporters. 

For just some context, like Bruce Wayne I will be donning an alter-ego/nom de plume known as R. Adrianus, writer extraordinaire. Oh, that sounds kind of cool, though I doubt publishers would ever take a business card with that title on it. Periodically you can find excerpts and updates on my writing and such.

I have already started posting a good deal on the blog so come and join the party. 

Once Fatal Followers gets out of the hard drive and into your hands/ebook readers, we can all have a happy dance together. Much love and hope you like!

Penguin Launches Book Truck!

This is an absolute delight to see books being toted around to people even if it is a limited effort. To see a world where books are plentiful and people run out their front doors for a chance to buy a book from a passing stand like ice cream, well, let’s just say that would be a marvelous and happy world indeed.

(Source: bookriot, via thereadables)

They’ve done a good job making people believe that those hippy refugees in the zoo are normal giraffes. Next you’ll tell me that they’ve got long necks so they can reach high leaves! Nothing to do with waving the bloody skins of their victims like flags, of course.

Conductor Jones (Un Lun Dun, pg. 58, by China Mieville)

Book Review: Zone One by Colson Whitehead

Zone One

By Rafael A. Hernandez

End of the world. Though society continues with its strives through the decades, humanity seems to be acclimating itself to a world where they would be for want of the commodities in common life. None can predict if an apocalypse is on the horizon but many have begun to theorize how it may come about. Perhaps now a staple of modern culture, the zombie apocalypse story stands above all other forms of human termination. Zone One by Colson Whitehead attempts to take the familiar zombie tale and fuse it with pensive and insightful sensibilities, not merely the survival horror story that has been used far too often.

Zone One takes place in Manhattan where teams known as sweepers, on orders from a surviving government body in Buffalo, traipse through buildings in the major metropolitan area and clear them of residual zombies known as “skels”. The main character, known only as Mark Spitz, ironically named after the famous Olympian, is followed as he and his team climb floor after floor, eradicating skels locked in the forsaken nooks of the city. The resounding note of ease in humanity’s survival provides a premature triumph for the characters. Reader’s are foregone the tribulations of going through the outbreak. Instead they deal with the mundane function of a world’s reconstruction. Keen streams of consciousness are Zone One's greatest success. Though the novel spans only three days in real time, the major content is comprised of recollections of major characters, namely Mark Spitz. These thoughts touch on moments of the characters' pasts, their sentiments on the present and the way they cope in their reclaimed world.

But this unique undertaking is not without its errors. While Whitehead does manage to create great segues into humanity’s deepest thoughts, even those without precedent, he often fails to maintain the attention of his readers. This is partly because of the novel’s three chapter separation and partly due to the story’s disregard for standardized progress. Musings about a past relationship, or a comrade’s unfortunate demise at the jaws of a skel, meddle with the pacing of this story, motioning the reader to lose interest or simply write off the narration as irrelevant. To a seasoned reader, these narrative refrains have implicit significance, thus take a keener eye to perceive. But casual readers may find these series of tangents bothersome and unhelpful to the whole story.

Not unlike a masterful work of art, Zone One has qualities that are both substantial and philosophical. Sadly, these qualities can easily be viewed as overbearing. Those looking to find a story of survival with dashes of horror and suspense will find only meager traces. What they will find is the shining gleam in the darkness, the beacon in humanity that calls them to survive while not forgetting the truth of their origin. Zone One provides a glimpse of a world where man exists despite  its ill fate, trying to attain a foothold as extinction remains ever present.